One Armed Bandits

One armed bandits

As a parent of new born your life becomes portions of time and small areas of space throughout the day.

Time: what can you get done between nappy changes and feeds… shower? Eat some food? Vacuum? Watch some TV? To get two of the four done will feel like an achievement. Hats off to the stay at home Mums and Dads who do this and lots more 24/7

Space: your world needs to be within arm’s reach when you are holding a new born. Life becomes a series of one armed challenges especially when the baby is asleep – DO NOT WAKE THE BABY

Eating – check

Drinking – check

Finding the remote – check

Scratching your nose/ears/head/arm that is holding the baby – check

They could introduce it as a challenge on The Cube!

When both arms are deployed as baby support; that is when team work is needed. It has been known in our house for me to serve my wife food as she holds bubs fast asleep. However, turns out I cram in waaay more food than she does, this has led to meal debris spurting out as she has asked for “less on the fork next time please!”

I also inadvertently mastered the one hand poo catch… yup, it is as it sounds!

Baby decided to engage in chemical warfare during a nappy change and to prevent our carpet becoming collateral damage I did what a man had to do… I put my hand in the way as some sort of makeshift poo dam!

One thing I have noticed as a new Dad is most new Mums (friends who are parents, ante-natal class pals etc) are happy to discuss their breasts with you! It is not how my fifteen year old self would imagine the conversation going… buzzkill words such as cracked, dry, leaky nipples remind you that even after the pain, tiredness, mental exhaustion of labour, the Mums are still hitting a pain barrier almost every day.

That is why, as partners, we must choose our words wisely.

After a period of trying to breastfeed and struggling with babies ability to latch and feed we tried a bottle… Baby had a light bulb moment, liked it and fed happy. It means I can do my share of night feeds, so I get to bond with her by feeding and burping (proud Dad when a loud one busts out!)

*** During a late night feed as I dropped the bottle into hot water to warm up, noticing the water reach near spillage level I pondered

“If all the boats and submarines in the sea right now were removed completely, would sea levels drop?” ***

Any help answering much appreciated.

….Back to bottle feeding:

I had been told by many mix feeding (boob* and bottle) was the holy grail of baby dinner time, the ability to choose between one or the other when out and about freeing Mum up and providing flexibility. So when my wife – after a very difficult period trying to breast  feed – told me she wanted to switch to the bottle only, although internally that was totally cool and I supported her decision, it is her body after all, my face (I think) gave a different reply, one that led her to believe I was disappointed she was not going to go through (MORE) pain, suffering and stress to try and breast feed.

She doubted her own decision – you are told BREAST IS BEST by most – to even find information about formula milk via leading manufacturers websites you have to ‘tick box agree’ that this is your understanding… talk about pile the pressure on!?


That is why we must choose our words (and apparently facial expressions) wisely.

It is after all both the best and the most stressful job in the world being a parent

*fifteen year old self took over typing


9 thoughts on “One Armed Bandits

  1. Ben

    Do you have a sling? It’s the only solution, I served Matilda and Henry breakfast this morning and ate mine while carrying Rupert the whole time in one.
    Welcome to the world of parental guilt though, it’s just the beginning, but if mum, dad and baby are happy and healthy who really cares how we decide to parent?


  2. Leona

    Mummy/ Daddy guilt never goes away I don’t think but whatever decision you choose is best for your baby. Happy Mummy = happy baby I say. Breast feeding is the hardest thing I’ve EVER had to do and not the most natural thing in the world as some people say. Some find it easy but others not so try not to worry. I’m enjoying reading your blog – takes me back to those first sleep deprived months 😊 take care
    Love Leona


    1. inkeddaddy Post author

      Thanks Leona. Glad you like it… Started out as a bit of fun and to test, ready to start a blog for work.

      Enjoying refelcting on the ups and downs of parenthood.



  3. Teresa

    Brilliant Ben, the is like re living our own first few months! You feel like your the only ones going through it and I often think is everyone trying to eat their tea the same way we do! I was constantly on Google about feeding and burping and wind problems and tried several bottles before I was content to just stop and give something a chance to work for christs sake😃 I hate the pressure put on women to breastfeed, it really isn’t right to do so and no new mum should feel guilty if it doesn’t happen for them, it really was the most draining, time consuming thing I have ever done but I tried to keep going that little bit longer as BREAST IS BEST and I felt bad stopping. But formula has many benefits-me having a break mostly😀
    Keep the blogs up, glad your enjoying being a daddy, would say the dinner thing gets easier but it hasn’t for us yet😃


  4. Thirza Morris

    Not even a parent, but reading this is brilliant having seen my sister do all these things in the last 7 weeks. Oh to be an aunty looking in….!!


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