Kids in suits…

So this blog is a knee jerk reaction to something I saw this afternoon…

Before I start please let me point out I have no political allegiance to those in red, blue, yellow, green, purple or any other colour to be honest, even less so after today.

I work with kids, and have a kid, and as adults we hold a very important position as we help set the moral compass of those around us. So what happens when those that lead our country, the ones that make life changing decisions on our behalf act in a way that is neither appropriate or, frankly very nice?

Ignoring, for a moment the expenses scandal and all the sleaze – today’s Prime Ministers Questions (PMQs) has kinda got me pissed.

“With great power comes great responsibility” the immortal words of Uncle Ben, not the rice guy, but the uncle of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

David Cameron could have used this advice today. The Prime Minister of Great Britain today during PMQs used the way Jeremy Corbyn was dressed as a way to gather cheers and jeers from his mates in the house of commons – much like a playground bully would to get high fives from his mates. Kids in suits the lot of them!

It is hard being a kid. Any idiosyncrasies (fashion or personality wise) are pounced on and are either embraced or picked apart by peers – jeez I remember friends at school that had to have a carrier bag from a clothes shop rather than a supermarket for fear of rejection. I work with loads of kids who put up a front because this is what is expected of them because of where they live or their group of friends.When these walls are dropped their creativity, their empathy , their personality comes to the fore. So when the Leader of our country uses a persons non-conforming appearance as a tool to belittle what hope do we have at promoting the confidence to ‘be yourself’ among our children?

The argument could be made that kids wont see the immature behaviour of our PM and it will make no difference to their day to day. I disagree, already at least three times it has appeared on my social media timeline from various different outlets, My wife caught a train home from London today and had GCSE students in the seats next to her discussing it – and LAUGHING about the comments made!

They were laughing, and this is the issue. When those in seats of power are dishing out the mum jokes and acting like HEAT magazines circle of shame during what should be a debate over our NHS we are witnessing point scoring and bullying at a level that will undoubtedly have an impact on the UK’s moral compass.

Politicians have done worse than Mr Cameron did today – WAAAAAAY worse in fact. But please Mr Cameron (and your commons colleagues) please heed the advice from a comic book character… because apparently a made up person can act in a way that we would all prefer our politicians to behave.




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